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Himmel aus Beton - Skies of Concrete. Park Books Zürich
Limited edition
neighbourhood - zhouwéi
Linz UND
Text / cut: Failure at the Hands of Beauty / Scheitern am Schönen. Franz Schuh
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cut   2010
Wieser Verlag, Klagenfurt 2010
Mit einem Essay von Franz Schuh

119 S., 50 Abb. in Farbe, geb., 15,9 x 9,8 cm

Lambdaprints 50x 63 cm

Nachbarschaft MKH Wels, 2014 kuratiert von Herman Seidl
Foyergalerie Alpen ­Adria­ Universität, Klagenfurt 2011

Emanzipation und Konfrontation.
K08 Kunst aus Kärnten seit 1945
Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten, Klagenfurt 2008
kuratiert von Silvie Aigner

Idyll - Der Fall der Fassaden.
Kunstraum Galerie Schloss Mondsee 2006
kuratiert von Eleonora Louis

In artstic terms these pictures are unique without being ostentatious, paradoxically so because they show futile efforts to design an environment strangely with „style“. You see how these efforts to virtually lend an artistic touch to the environment, to add something beautiful to it fail. And this is yet another artistic quality in these pictures: They are many pictures that one can in the end also have viewed as one single image.

Erlacher´s Photos remain fascinating beyond interpretation. One could say that the photographed object posseses an aura. Not because they have turned out well. Quite to the contrary, the photographs show a failure at the hands of beauty. The presence of beauty is as intended as the absence of it and Erlacher´s photographs reveal with a degree of objectivity a phenomenology of architectural failure.

This shows that taste is something one can disagree with. But the photographer uses neither satire nor polemics as her weapons, she uses a method for her dispute that is best known to us from literature: the quotation. Quoting is an art; it is not a mere reproduction of something that already exists. Erlacher´s method of quoting – her selection of details from architectural calamity – proves it. The ugly rears its head, teaching the viewer amazement over something they have already seen a million times.

Franz Schuh: Failure at the Hands of Beauty